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Novo Associado – SEAMLY

Company presentation:

Seamly is the ultimate platform for the communication of your back-end, front-end, CRM software, and Conversational Technology. The product has been developed in 2019 to provide a one-size-fits-all solution for the digital strategy of companies.

With Seamly it becomes easy and safe to manage the information stream between the customer and your company. Seamly is cross-platform and capable of communicating with different software as well.

Meaning that we will implement Seamly with you on your available platforms, such as chatbots, live-chat and by phone, and enable you to integrate Seamly with the software that you’re using.

Additionally, we are able to upgrade Seamly with modules that fit your company’s needs.

For example, our Voice bot that replaces IVR's, the real-time translation of messages in chats, automated AI powered conversational summaries or enabling customers to complete transactions with your chatbot. Excited to see what we can do for you? Check out our cases to read our tailor-made solutions for other clients. Or contact us directly!

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